Sunday, 13 April 2014

What Causes Bloggers to Fail

1) Unrealistic Expectations.

If you expect to get a Billions of  Hits on Your first Month as a Blogger or plan to retire to your own Private Island within a Year, you’re Going to Fail. 
Unrealistic expectations can make your seem like a failure and give up, even though you actually were on the right track. 

Push yourself, but get your expectations in check.

2) Blogging as Priority

Very few Bloggers have the luxury of being able to Blog as a full time Job from their very first post because Blogging simply doesn’t pay the bills right away, no matter how Good Blogger You are. The difference between those a-listers in your niche and a lot of Bloggers who fail is that the a-listers made Blogging a priority. It means less sleep and less time with your family. It means having free weekends is a thing of the past. It means you don’t have as much time for hobbies anymore. Until you get some steam, Blogging has to be your priority unless one of the kids is on fire.

Just be aware that if you don’t spend time loving on your Blog as you build your Readership, it isn’t going to go anywhere.

3) Invest  into Your Blog.

Continue to tell yourself that your Blog is just fine with its free WordPress or Blogspot domain name, it’s poor design that you don’t know how to fix, its non-existent mailing list, and its plethora of other problems.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get started. That’s one of the reasons I love Blogging.

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